We’ve worked on hundreds of projects, including toys, games, art pieces,
electric toothbrushes, WiFi cameras, and 3D printers. A sample of some
of the projects we’ve worked on are included below.



ChirpCamera - a rechargeable, stand-alone WiFi camera for capturing your pet's star moments. We were in on the development of this product from day one, and performed the electronics design, PCB layout, and embedded software programming.

quip electric toothbrush - quip is a great New York City startup that has developed a sleek and modern line of oral care products. We developed the electronics and programming for their beautiful electric toothbrush. All the electronics fit on a tiny PCB and the brush will run for 90 days on a single AAA battery. Wow!

Electronic Football - this is a super cool remake of the original Mattel electronic Football from the late 70s. We helped the Bridge Direct toy company revamp this game for a new generation, including new realistic sound effects. We also helped to develop the Baseball and Basketball versions in this line.

Flat Screen Lite Brite - another retro classic. For this project we performed LED tests to determine the best number, color, and arrangement of LEDs to provide optimal lighting, while keeping the product within an acceptable cost.

MakerBot Replicator Interface - before MakerBot had an internal engineering team, they called on us to design the PCB for the original Replicator 3D printer. We performed the schematic capture and PCB layout. It was a very exciting time in their history as MakerBot's popularity was skyrocketing.

Peek-a-Boo Bear - there's a lot of really cute speech and gameplay in this little guy, and Gund called on us to edit and process the audio. Our expertise lies in being able to squeeze a lot of audio into a small chip while still getting it to sound good when played through a 2-inch speaker.